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At West Volusia Pediatrics we respect that your time is valuable. It is  our policy to do our best to limit your waiting time. During the week,  we reserve many appointment openings for those sudden illnesses. Should  you feel that your child needs to be seen by a physician, please call  our office after 9:00am and we will be able to arrange an appointment  for the same day. We are sometimes able to accommodate “walk-ins”  however, there may be a bit of a wait as we endeavor to fit you into the  schedule. West Volusia Pediatrics is open Monday-Friday from  9:00am-4:30pm. We can make arrangements to see acute illnesses outside  of regular office hours, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, under  certain circumstances. As opposed to a “sick” or “problem focused”  visit, a wellness check up requires a specific amount of time on our  schedules and must be pre-booked. At some times during the year, a wait  of up to two weeks may be necessary to schedule your child’s visit.  Please try to plan ahead, and give us at least two weeks notice when  scheduling non-emergency appointments.  


In today’s hectic world we understand that there will be times when a  scheduled appointment cannot be kept. If you need to cancel or  reschedule an appointment, we request that you notify our office a  minimum of 24 hours in advance. If your appointment is made for the  ‘same day’ and you find yourself unable to keep it, please call to  cancel with a minimum of one hour’s notice in order for another child to  be scheduled. If you do not cancel by the deadline, a $10 missed  appointment fee will be added to your account. This fee is not covered  by insurance and will be your responsibility to pay upon or before your  next visit.  

Financial Policy

Our Billing Office is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Please call with any billing or insurance questions and our  knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. Understanding your health insurance plan’s benefits and restrictions has become a very difficult task in these days of managed care programs. We shall endeavor  to assist you as much as possible; however, it does remain your  responsibility to be aware of the details of your particular policy. Some of the limitations for you to be aware of may include: utilizing a specific lab or pharmacy, the requirement of obtaining prior authorization before being evaluated by a Specialist Physician, and the requirement of being “assigned” to our physicians in order for any payments to be issued. Not following your insurance company’s specifications often results in a family being responsible for payments that their insurance plan would normally cover. Please review your Plan Summary carefully, and contact your company’s Member Services with any questions. Remember, your insurance coverage is a contract between you  and your insurance company. West Volusia Pediatrics is not responsible  for services denied by your insurance company. 

West Volusia Pediatrics does have preferred provider contracts with  several major insurance companies. Please contact your insurance company  to determine if our practice is contracted with your insurance company.  Any financial portion that is the “member’s responsibility” such as a  copay or a non-covered percentage will be collected at the time of  service. 

If payment from the patient is not collected in full at the time of  service a $5 billing fee will be added to the account balance for each  statement that is mailed. If your insurance company does not have a  contracted affiliation with West Volusia Pediatrics, or if you do not  carry insurance, it is your responsibility to be prepared to make full  payment for services provided, at the time of service. 

We are happy to accept Visa, Mastercard, personal checks or cash, for  your convenience. Any requests for other payment arrangements MUST be  made before the appointment. We are always happy to provide a billing  copy for you to file with your insurance company for YOUR reimbursement,  upon request.  

Privacy Policy

Protecting your family’s right to privacy is of utmost importance to us. West Volusia Pediatrics’ Notice of Privacy Practices  is available here on our website (click on the link) and also at the  Reception Desk. We will be happy to provide a copy for you, upon your  request. You will be signing a consent upon registration that describes  how your child’s protected health information may be used or disclosed,  and for what purposes. The procedure for requesting revocation or  restrictions to that consent is described in the text of the consent.